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How to post legal videos


Only post video to which you own the copyright, or video that is in the public domain.

OPTION 1: YouTube

If you want to post video that is under 10 minutes and smaller than 1 GB, consider posting your video on YouTube. If your video is over these YouTube size limits, you can break it up into smaller videos by using video editing software like Microsoft Movie Maker or IMovie, which come usually come included with Windows or MacOS10, respectively. Note that copyright restrictions apply here as well. If the copyright owner offers the content online (such as on Hulu or, send out a link to the official site instead of posting a copy on YouTube.

OPTION 2: Post to the BU server

If you want to post your own video to a site on BU, do not place the video file itself within Blackboard, as this takes up too much space. Instead, post your video to the BU av server. To obtain space on the BU av directory, request an account through Networked Information Services (NIS). A request form is available here. Post the video to the server space and then link to it from another page, like in your Blackboard class site.

To post video:
To place the video on your server space, you will need Dreamweaver, Fetch (for Macs), or another ftp program like WinSCP. Directions for uploading files to the server using Fetch, Dreamweaver, or WinSCP appear here. If you do not own one of these programs, you can download open source ones that work in a similar fashion to WinSCP (like Absolute FTP, which is available free from BU, or FireFTP, a Firefox extension that is especially easy to use).

To stream video:
Streaming video is preferable to having students download video. Streaming reduces copyright concern and may provide for easier viewing. Boston University Networked Information Services (NIS) recommends you use Flash to stream video. When you make a request to get an av directory account, mention that you want to stream flash video, and NIS will set up a Flash directory for you. You will need to convert your file to Flash if it is not already in that format. You can have NIS do this or can use software like Flash 8 or free programs (like Riva VX).

Once you have your movie in Flash format, follow directions on this page to set up code in your page. As instructed on the page, you will need to put some additional flash (swf) files in the same server space as your video (the page has default files you can download to use).

Once you have that page set up, with streaming video, place the link in Blackboard for your students.

OPTION 3: Pay NIS to upload video for you

For a fee, NIS will convert and upload video for a fee. NIS will send you a link to the video, and you can place this link in Blackboard for your students. Contact NIS for more information.

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