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IMPORTANT NOTICE: PubMed replacing Ovid for Medline Access

As of November 1, 2009, the BUMC Alumni Medical Library no longer subscribes to Ovid for accessing Medline and a collection of Evidence-based Medicine databases. Ovid is an expensive resource, and during difficult financial times we have made the decision that it is more important to retain e-journal subscriptions than to provide access to two versions of the same database. For more information on this decision, please visit

** Important note for Ovid users currently using the 'Saved Searches/Alerts' function: Ovid saved searches will not be accessible after December 30th, 2009. This function is available in PubMed, but you will need to manually replicate these searches.

Please contact the BUMC Library's Reference Desk at (617) 638-4228 or for assistance, questions about PubMed or to provide feedback.

Ovid MEDLINE Database: Access to Saved Searches Only

Please note: A Kerberos username and password are required for off-campus access to subscription electronic resources.

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